Cleaning services a la carte

In many areas of your life, you do not always need the full number of options that a particular service can offer. For example, in a Salon, you can choose whether to wash your hair, cut it, tincture it, do a hairstyle, etc.

It’s the same for  home maintenance; you can choose whether to paint, restore, or modify a specific space of your home.

In the same way, now this is also possible with your home cleaning service.

Each home is different and each home has different cleaning needs. Depending on the quantity of households, house size, the used spaces, activities, and order in the family, there are always areas that require more frequent cleaning. This is why Keen Maids offers you Priority Cleaning Services which  allow you to keep certain areas of your house clean and tidy whenever you need them.

What is our Priority Cleaning Service?

Priority Cleaning Service is perfect for those customers who require house cleaning more frequently for specific areas of their home due to more frequent use.

With this service, you simply tell us your requirements and leave the rest to our cleaning professionals. They’ll get the job done. Also the order of cleaning is up to you so we won’t bother you if you work at home. For example, if you want the bedroom to be cleaned first, our cleaning professionals will shine it first, then move to other areas of your home.

Our cleaning professionals always provide top-notch service, no matter which area of the home you ask them to clean.

Benefits of Priority Cleaning Service?

  • Thorough cleaning of the areas you need.
  • We work the number of hours you want (1½ hour minimum).
  • We clean the areas you need without interfering if you work at home.
  • You only pay for what you require.

In summary, you will get a service tailored to your needs with the results you are looking for.

Contact us, guide us through your specific needs or the areas to be cleaned, and we’ll provide a free quote.

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