Mother’s Day,
Date to show them love and care

An extraordinary day is approaching, Mother’s Day, and like every year, we ask ourselves what can we do to pamper her.

For those unique beings who have dedicated an incredible amount of time to us, use their innate wisdom to solve all things, and are able to make everyone in the family happy, we have to show our most loving recognition.

How can we make this day the most special?

We always want to give back a little bit of all we have received.

Every mother is different and only we, her children and family, know her so intimately that we know what we can give to make her happy. Something every mom will appreciate is free time and a clean and tidy home.

But how can we give that? It’s easy with a professional home cleaning service that takes care of those annoying and time-consuming chores.

Our offer

To share this beautiful day, we have a special promotion consisting of gift certificates from Keen Maids, to give Mom a clean home, allowing more me-time for her to relax and enjoy life without worrying about cleaning.

You can decide the value of the gift certificate, a minimal two-hour cleaning is required, that will help Mothers keep their house sparkling and impeccable. The certificates are valid until the end of this year.

Just contact us, and we will customize the certificate to your desire. Order now!

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