Move Out Cleaning in Miramar, FL

What is Move Out Cleaning in Miramar?

Move out cleaning involves thoroughly cleaning your home before you move out so that the new homeowners can arrive in a clean home. You can’t leave your home in a mess; you should clean it for the new occupants.

Cleaning the home before moving out can be a challenge as everything is completely out of your control. Don’t fret, Keen Maids has you covered with its move out cleaning service. Our move out cleaning has the advantage to reach areas easier because the house is already empty.

This cleaning includes inside the kitchen cabinets, shelves, counters, appliances, windows from the inside, vacuuming and cleaning all floors and baseboards. Dusting all surfaces, ceiling fans and light fixtures. And cleaning and disinfect bathrooms, showers, bathtubs. At the end we remove all garbage.

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Move Out Cleaning in Miramar

Moving out can be stressful. You don’t want to add stress to your life by cleaning your home before move out, leave it to us.

That’s why we, at Keen Maids, provide move out cleaning service to take away the extra burden of cleaning from your checklist.

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Benefits of Move Out Cleaning in Miramar, FL

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Focus on your Move

Cleaning while moving out can be overwhelming. When you leave the job to professional cleaners, you’ll be able to focus on your packing, moving and planning your life ahead instead of worrying about cleaning.

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Our cleaning professionals will thoroughly clean your home. They won’t miss out on anything and the new occupants will be pleased with the fine job.

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Save Time

With move out cleaning service, instead of wasting your time on scrubbing your home clean, you’ll be able to focus on more important tasks that require your attention.

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Move Out Cleaning in Miramar for Realtors

When it comes to renting or selling a home, first impressions matter the most. As a realtor, you shouldn’t worry about cleaning a home for new buyers; you have more important matters to attend to.

Leave the cleaning to us, while you focus on your business.

We offer special prices for your type of business or receive our referral business fee.

Selling is Your Business, Cleaning is Ours!


Move Out Cleaning in Miramar for Movers

Moving a customer to a new location? There should be a lot on your mind.

Why put extra pressure on yourself by cleaning their home when you can hire Keen Maids to do the job for you?

We offer special prices for your type of business or receive our referral business fee.

Leave the Dust to Us, Focus on Your Move!

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Move out cleaning usually takes longer than other cleaning services as we do a thorough cleaning reaching spaces and areas that with furniture cannot be cleaned. The duration of this service depends on the conditions of the house.
We could give you a quote for your move out cleaning in advance. These rates depend on the size of your home.

Yes, we bring all the equipment and supplies. We would appreciate if you could provide trash liners or trash bags so the ladies could get rid of trash they might find during the cleaning. If you have products of your preference we would gladly use yours.

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Move Out Cleaning in Miramar Customer’s Testimonials

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    Preparing to move is a challenging and stressful time. It is hard enough to pack up your belongings and get them ready to move without having to worry about cleaning your home before you go. That is why you may want to hire a service for move out cleaning in Miramar, Fl. If you fail to leave your apartment or home clean and tidy you will end up paying for it in the long run. You may not get your security deposit returned or you could have problems with closing on the sale of your home.

    Move Out Cleaning in Miramar, FL

    Move out cleaning in Miramar, FL is a necessity when you want to leave your apartment ready for the next tenant. If you want to make sure that you get your security deposit back you must remove all of your items and make sure that every part of the home is clean. You don’t have time to worry about cleaning when you move. Instead, you can leave it to the professionals.

    A professional cleaning team will come in and take care of all the tasks that need to be done in order to prepare the home for new tenants. You will certainly get your deposit back when you leave the home in good, clean condition. It is best to have the team come in for move out cleaning in Miramar, FL immediately after you move but before the landlord comes for the walkthrough inspection.

    Move out cleaning in Miramar, FL includes a variety of tasks such as vacuuming, cleaning the floors, cleaning the stove and countertops, cleaning the refrigerator, dusting, cleaning the bathroom and many more tasks. You can make a list of the tasks that you want performed so the cleaning team will be sure to handle all of them.

    Once the tasks are complete the property will be pristine and in move-in condition. You can take photos of the cleaned home or apartment and perform a walkthrough with the landlord. This will ensure that you will get the deposit refunded and that your landlord will give you a good recommendation.

    Leave the Home Ready for New Tenants

    A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when you prepare for your move is to leave the home in move-in condition. Your landlord doesn’t want to have to spend time cleaning and fixing things before he can rent the apartment.

    When you are ready to move, do a quick walkthrough on your own and make a list of the areas that require cleaning. When you contract with a cleaning service you can make sure that they take care of all the items on your list. Professional cleaning when you move out is an easy and affordable way to handle the situation. Obtain a quote for cleaning services that includes all of the tasks on your list. You will be assured that the cleaning team will take care of all your needs and leave the property spotless.