One Time Cleaning Service in Weston, FL

What is One-time Cleaning in Weston?

Don’t know where to start? Don’t want a commitment with a cleaning company? Or, have you decided it is enough to have your house dirty and want a fresh start?

With one-time cleaning, you will have our professionals visit and do a complete cleaning, leaving your house fresh and ready for your event, party or for your family. You could have this cleaning anytime you require our services.

Once you’ve had a one-time cleaning, you can switch to periodic maintenance cleanings to keep the house clean at all times and save on costs.

One-time cleaning includes a thorough dusting, vacuuming floors and carpets, changing sheets, wiping surfaces and doors, cleaning inside windows, mopping floors and removing garbage. In the bathrooms we clean, showers, toilets, tiles, bathtubs, sinks, faucets, mirrors and floors and in the kitchen, we clean fronts of cabinets, counters, glass doors, appliances and floor.

Sparkle Your Place with One Time Cleaning

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One Time Cleaning in Weston

Thinking about inviting guests to your home or throwing a party? Your home should be shinning then! Rest assured, we got you covered with our one-time cleaning service that’s designed for those who require cleaning on specific occasions.

One time cleaning is also an ideal choice for customers who wish to try Keen Maids cleaning services for the first time.

We also recommend one time cleaning after minor repair works as the home is cleaned thoroughly in this service according to your requirements.

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“Sparkle Your Place with One Time Cleaning”
Our cleaning professionals will leave your home sparkling.

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“Come Clean with One Time Cleaning”
Our cleaning professionals understand your needs and will do a complete cleaning of your home to relieve you of your burden of cleaning.
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Benefits of One-time Cleaning in Weston

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Convenient Service

You call us when you need us. We will be happy to schedule your visit as soon as possible.

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Quality Cleaning

We provide quality cleaning no matter if you are a one-time customer or our regular customer. Your place will sparkle clean once we’re done!

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Just in Time

With guests arriving in a few hours, you can’t waste your time with full house cleaning. In such a situation, one time cleaning can save you! We will quickly clean your home so you and your guests are happy.

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One-time cleaning is ideal for parties, holidays, events or other special occasions. Or whenever you would like to have your whole house cleaned, we go as often as you require in the year.
No, we limit our scope of services to the inside of the house.

In the one-time cleaning we cover the whole house in order to get rid of old dust and leave your house fresh.

From here you can start with our cleaning maintenance service if you wish. Remember, the cleaning maintenance  is the flat rate you always pay for the service.

In case you want only some areas, you can ask for the priority cleaning service which is focused on your specific requirements.

One Time Cleaning in Weston Customer Testimonials

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    Today’s world is accelerating. For a family, there are countless tasks to fulfill, from work to caring for children and carrying out household responsibilities. One of the most tedious tasks, but one of the most essential is cleaning. Keeping the home clean and tidy is no easy task. One of the alternatives that exist to alleviate the burden of cleaning the families is to hire the service.

    However, not everyone uses this service. Sometimes for security, sometimes for time, and most of the time for lack of budget. In these cases, a perfect ally to keep the house impeccable is the one-time cleaning service.

    What is One Time Cleaning Service?

    This is a professional service that allows you to get a thoroughly cleaned house in one shot. It is important to note that it is not hiring a person to clean. It’s a team of professionals who will make sure your house becomes shiny.

    This system is an excellent alternative for those people who do not want or cannot maintain a regular maid. You can alternate your daily cleaning routine with one-time cleaning, and you will be sure to enjoy a clean and fresh environment all year round. If you have a special occasion in your home (dinner, some guests) the one-time cleaning will help you to give that pleasant impact on your guests as well.

    It’s More than Cleanliness; it’s Health

    Despite the daily effort, it is inevitable that unpleasant microorganisms inhabits your home. The most dangerous thing is that the most vulnerable areas of the house are precisely the most critical: kitchen and bathrooms. In these places, the lack of deep cleaning causes bacteria and fungi to live and reproduce.

    With a one-time service periodically, you ensure that you eliminate these unpleasant inhabitants from your home. This will help you prevent a variety of common diseases in families such as gastroenteritis, athlete’s foot or skin infections.

    Also, a dust-free environment will eliminate dust mites, which are responsible for most allergies and respiratory conditions. Finally, when you periodically contract a thorough cleaning of your home, it prevents the proliferation of insects and pests.

    Increase your Creativity

    An essential factor in the well-being of the family is that environments are renewed from time to time. When it’s your turn to do the cleaning, the tiredness and lack of time end up beating you and snuffing out any spark to make changes and redecorations that keep the space healthy. When someone else is responsible, you will feel more like making your house even more beautiful.

    Improve your Social Life

    You’ll be proud of your home. You will see that you will become more open to receiving visitors. You will even be the one who invites your family, friends, and acquaintances with the slightest excuse, generating greater well-being and happiness to you.

    Count On the Best One Time Cleaning Service in Weston Fl!

    At Keen Maids, we are committed to providing a top of the line cleaning service. We go the extra mile; we are a specialized staff of cleaning professionals at your reach. Let us lighten your load, and help make your home look shiny. You can enjoy one-time service, and switch to regular service whenever you want. The best one time cleaning service in Weston Fl is with Keen Maids. Contact us.