Priority Cleaning Services

What is Priority Cleaning Service?

Priority cleaning service is perfect for those customers who require house cleaning more frequently and yet want only few or some areas of their house to be cleaned.

In priority cleaning service, you just tell us your requirements and leave the rest to our cleaning professionals. They’ll get the job done.

With priority cleaning services, the order of cleaning is up to you. If you want the bedroom to be cleaned first, our cleaning professionals will shine your bedroom first, then move to other areas of your home.

Cleaning Has Never Been Done with so Much Ease and Precision Before!

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Priority Cleaning

Do you want to have cleaned just the areas that your family use the most?

Looking for someone who could follow your specific needs or clean only a few areas of your home and leave the rest untouched?

No problem! We got you covered with our priority cleaning services.

With priority cleaning services, you can decide the areas of your home that you want to be cleaned.

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“Priority Cleaning Service Really Satisfies”
Our cleaning professionals always provide top notch service, no matter which area of the home you ask them to clean.

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“With priority cleaning services, we are all yours”
Guide us through your specific needs or the areas to be cleaned
and we’ll get the job done.

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Benefits of Priority Cleaning Services

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You choose specific areas to be cleaned.

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You can ask the cleaner what to clean first and then move to the next area. This way cleaning won’t disturb your routine tasks.

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Efficient and High Quality Cleaning

We take the time necessary to perform a thorough cleaning and ensure your complete satisfaction.

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Cost Effectiveness
Pay only for the work that you need.

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There is a minimum time for a priority cleaning which is 1 hour and thirty minutes. If you want only the minimum time we follow your priorities to meet the time. Or if you want us to clean the bedroom, kitchen and dining room, the cleaning process will take longer. The good thing is you can go about doing your routine work, and we can take care of cleaning simultaneously.

Yes, our professional cleaners always provide same quality of service even if you only have a few areas of the home that require cleaning.

The cost of priority cleaning service depends on the number of areas that you require us to clean. We do give a free quote.


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