Spring is the season of
flowering and tedious allergies

The Spring´s Beauties.

It is Springtime; this season provides great pleasure, joy, and happiness.

Everything rejuvenates; days are longer and warmer. Flowering plants bloom, trees and grass are greeners, even many animals have their breeding season.

However, Spring also comes with an unwanted guest…. Pollen.

The unpleasant Spring guest.

For many people, the months of March, April, and June are synonyms of allergic reactions such as sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, which could be very annoying.

Allergens are everywhere around us; pollen is the biggest Spring allergy trigger.

Pollen is so tiny that it can travel miles and sneak into houses to become part of the indoor dust.

All these allergens, pollen, dust mites, in addition to others that could exist in the house affect our immune system and produce allergies.

How to reduce the level of annoying allergies.

  • It is crucial to keep the house as clean and dry as possible.
  •  It is recommended to carry out a review of the air conditioning ducts and change the filters with the appropriate frequency.
  •  Do a thorough dusting and vacuuming of corners, windows, blinds and curtains, upholstery and rug areas.
  •  All bed linens should be changed weekly as well as wash regularly stuffed animals.
  •  All carpet floor should be vacuumed at least every week.
  •  Bathrooms should always be kept clean, disinfected, and ventilated or dry to avoid mold.
  •  In the kitchen, all surfaces should be clean, food stored, garbage cans covered, and emptied regularly.

In summary, it is recommended to perform a deep Spring cleaning and keep the house clean.

How Keen Maids can help you.

When you hire us for a Spring cleaning, we take the time and dedication in eliminating dust/pollen accumulation in all those areas of the house that are not usually cleaned.

Kitchen cabinets, furniture, paintings, closets, blinds, windows, and areas with low traffic are taken care of in detail.

We do all necessary to leave your house clean and thoroughly dusted off, thus reducing the annoying symptoms of Spring allergies.

Do not think about it anymore; book your Spring cleaning and give yourself and family a healthy environment to enjoy the beauty of Spring.

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