Why Hire Keen Maids?

Why Hire Keen Maids?

Nowadays, everyone is busy tending to work, the caring of kids, and making sure they earn a decent livelihood for the family. After an active work day, there is little or no time left to clean.

Even after deciding to settle for a cleaning company, it is usual not to be sure of the best hands to see to your cleaning needs as there are many choices to choose from; which is the exact reason for this article.

We aim to guide your decision to make sure you get perfection for your money, quality for your time, and a total package that you can always trust.

We are Keen Maids; a company that is dedicated to the care of your home. We do an in-depth cleaning whenever you call us, and all in due time. We have a team of experienced, customer friendly, and adequately trained staffs who know that our clients are a top priority.

Here are some reasons why Keen Maids is your sure bet for a cleaning company.

We are a Licensed, Bonded and Insured Company.

Our girls are cautious. However, we have insurance to protect your home during our services, just in case!

We Give You an Obligation-Free Estimate.

Your health and wellness matters to us so; we are interested in making you a home that is free from germs.

Get in touch with us, and we will listen and advise you on the best cleaning options for your home.

We will give you a free estimate, and all these we will do with your schedule, budget, and preferences, in mind.

We Streamline Your Needs.

Unlike many cleaning companies, we don’t just use a general approach for all of our clients. No, we don’t do that. We put your needs and your home setup into consideration. We don’t only clean, we care for your home, and this we do in the best possible time.

Our Different Services Meets Every Need.

Our line of services is well thought out to meet with every need. We have the Deep House Cleaning service, where we go beyond the surface to get things done. We also have a Cleaning Maintenance service which is a regular top up on the in-depth cleaning we must have done.

Our other services include; Priority Cleaning and Onetime Cleaning. Our onetime cleaning service comprises Move-in/Move-out cleaning. We can also set up a cleaning plan for you if you so wish.

A Reliable Customer Service That Puts You First.

Once we have a scheduled cleaning with you, alongside the necessary details, our Operation Manager puts a call across to you a day before the agreed date and lets you know the time the cleaning team will be over. Because Keen Maids is here to make your life easier each step of the way, you do not have to stay at home while we clean.

We clean while we allow you tend to more important matters. You can leave the key to your house with us if you so desire. For maximum protection, we code it to secure your home and valuables.

The best part of it is that you speak directly with our Operations Manager. No answering machines; no holding lines. We hold you dear so, our operations manager is always there to listen and tailor your needs accordingly.

We Take in Details and Deliver.

All of the needs you make mention of are properly tended to, and we go the extra mile to ensure you get the service you so desire. Keen Maids is that cleaning company that always delivers. With us, you call the shots.


Get in touch with Keen Maids today and let us give your home that professional touch that brightens. 


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