You choose your frequency for a weekly, every two weeks or monthly cleaning.

Peace of Mind

Cleaning maintenance will give you peace of mind as your home will be kept cleaned and sanitized and you’ll stay in a healthier environment.


You can ask the cleaner what to clean first and then move to the next area. This way cleaning won’t disturb your routine tasks.


You choose specific areas to be cleaned.

Just in Time

With guests arriving in a few hours, you can’t waste your time with full house cleaning. In such a situation, one time cleaning can save you! We will quickly clean your home so you and your guests are happy.

Quality Cleaning

We provide quality cleaning no matter if you are a one-time customer or our regular customer. Your place will sparkle clean once we’re done!

Convenient Service

You call us when you need us. We will be happy to schedule your visit as soon as possible.

Save Time

With move out cleaning service, instead of wasting your time on scrubbing your home clean, you’ll be able to focus on more important tasks that require your attention.